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Velvet cushions

An interior designer by training, the painter offers you his creations of unique cushions. The designs of the cushions are taken from the original paintings made by the French artist.

Ina de Saint Andéol magnificently puts her artistic skills to the benefit of a well-mastered art. The artist always wishes to go further qualitatively and offers his creations directly printed on a superior quality and waterproof fabric.

These art cushions have the virtue of being unique and of offering an interesting particularity. And for a good reason, it is the artist’s original paintings that are transcribed there.
The paintings are made in watercolor or acrylic using various techniques.
The designs are all hand painted by the artist.

Chic, trendy, soft and pleasant, reinvent your interior with the original cushion covers by Ina de Saint Andéol. Decorate your decor with uniquely crafted art. Enhance French art by decorating your French design house.

Printing made on both sides of the cushion, enjoy a top-of-the-range and complete design.

Housse de coussin leopard jaune, 45x45cm, peinte par l'artiste Ina de Saint Andeol

Urban Collection

Cubist Collection

Animals Collection

Birds Collection

Abstract and Landscape Collection

ina de saint andéol coussin

All cushion covers (delivered without cushions) are signed by the artist and produced in limited series.

For your gardens, sofas, sofas or armchairs, sublimate your habitat with these artistic creations.
Bring the inspiration into your home or by your pool, in your garden or in your living room.

Reinvent the original gift idea by offering a cushion cover with a unique and creative design. A unique cushion cover, signed by the artist.
Printed on waterproof and UV resistant fabric.

Create a surprise and amaze your friends. Look for atypical inspiration by combining originality with practicality.

Dive into this artistic originality of the contemporary French artist Ina de Saint Andéol. Let these creative decorations enhance your home by purchasing the cushion covers printed directly from her paintings.

Combine utility with beauty, get inspired by Ina’s French charm.