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Presentation of the artist and designer Ina de Saint Andéol.

Ina de Saint Andéol’s artistic and professional career is made up of the most diverse encounters and experiences.

A singular poetic universe

Painter and interior designer, Ina de Saint Andéol unveils her works with fanciful and contemporary looks. Discover a gallery of contemporary works with surprising details, where each parcel unveiled is worked with care.

Discover a universe bordering on the abstract, expressionism and naturalism. Discover a unique catalog of works of their own caracter. Let yourself be carried away by the promise of a whimsical journey. Ina de Saint Andéol multiplies various collage techniques, offering amazing textures and details. His art is to arouse emotion in the viewer like any artistic work.

Worked on wood, on paper or on canvas, the artist approaches various techniques, using watercolours, colored pens, ink and collage to express himself. Through these various processes, shapes and colors proposed, the artist reveals a great originality.

Painter and interior designer

Ina de Saint Andéol has more than 20 years of experience with luxury brands around the world such as Louis Vuitton. Self-taught in painting, she had the chance to exhibit her works in galleries in Shanghai and to work for various luxury events.

Today, she unveils whimsical and contemporary works, printed on decorative design objects, thus bringing together her two main passions: art and design.

She is inspired by two decades of travels in which she had the chance to discover new cultures that she wishes to reveal through her work. Ina de Saint Andéol multiplies various collage techniques, offering amazing textures and details.

A life in contact with art

Principal architect for projects in hotels, offices, shops and events for high-end clients such as Pernod-Ricard, starred chefs Les Frères Pourcel, Adidas, Christie’s, Louis Vuitton…

Principal architect for hotel projects for Sydney Casino, the Louis Vuitton restaurant, and Dom Pérignon Champagne in Las Vegas.

Principal architect for the Hebei International Resort, Grand Mercure Hotel, and various architectural firms.

Principal architect for residential loft conversion projects and in collaboration with architects and real estate developers.

Interior designer for residential projects.

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