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  • Decorative cushion: these original and unique velvet cushions were hand painted and signed by the painter. Premium fabric and premium printing
  • Ideal size: 45X45 cm, (18X18 inches) printed on both sides with the same pattern on both sides. Cushion cover supplied without cushion.
  • Cushion cover available in 3 sizes: 45x45cm ; 35x55cm and 60x60cm (18×18 in; 14×22 in and 24×24 in).
  • Decoration: this decoration cushion is chic and trendy. Ideal for your living room, sublime on your sofa, dreamed of on all your chairs.
  • Soft and comfortable material: the premium quality print on velvet highlights all the subtleties of the original painting. A soft to the touch and very thick velvet fabric was used.
  • Totally invisible and very resistant zip.
  • Machine washable.
  • Color piping outline.
  • This design is available as a bed runner  See here
Référence CY1-V Catégorie


Cushion decoration yellow chinoiserie:

This decorative cushion cover is inspired by the chinoiseries that will highlight our exterior and interior decors.
This painting was done by hand in watercolor. The majestic bird flies to these delicate leaves. Each leaf emphasizes unique colors: blues, reds, greens too, thus accentuating all your decorations. The yellow of the background is rich, tending towards ocher. It will adorn your atmospheres and will match all styles.

The years spent in China have taught Ina De Saint Andéol to pick up on the subtleties of ancient Chinese art and share it with you today through her paintings. Let yourself be carried away by the delicacy of Chinese art, by the finesse of the details and by the depth of the selected colors.

This printed decoration cushion is signed with the artist’s name. It is printed on both sides with the same design and framed with colored piping. The zip is invisible and very resistant.
On your sofa, in your living room, in your dining room, and even on your beds, this decorative cushion will embellish all your interiors. Elegantly placed on your sofas, it will surprise and highlight all your atmospheres.
The velvet is very soft to the touch. It is thick and very qualitative.

This premium quality velvet cushion is chic and trendy.

Are you looking for a gift idea? This velvet cushion will make a strong impression amoung your friends and relatives. It is original and attractive. The various colors will certainly be an asset to combine with all your styles and atmospheres.

Advantages Decorative cushion cover:

  • Soft, thick and pleasant velvet.
  • Unique and original design.
  • Signed by the artist.
  • Perfect impression of cushion painting with premium colors.
  • Design print on both sides and framed with colored piping.
  • Original gift idea: decorative cushion in velvet.
  • This cushion is available in 3 sizes: 45x45cm ; 35x55cm and 60x60cm (18×18 in; 14×22 in and 24×24 in).

Made in France :

Our brand Ina de Saint Andéol is proud to present its products made in France. A choice guided by our desire to offer quality products, and support for local artisans.
All paintings are handmade by the artist. She puts in all her know-how as an artist to bring you all the emotions put in each of her brushstrokes.

In addition, Ina De Saint Andéol has 20 experiences as an interior designer and has worked for a long time with major brands such as Louis Vuitton.
She also puts all her expertise to offer you styles and tones that are very trendy and in vogue. She combines her two passions to offer you her best products, combining quality and elegance.

Shipping Cushion cover decoration:

Your decorative cushion covers will be delivered very quickly to your home upon receipt of your order between 2 to 3 days in France and 5-6 days abroad depending on your country.

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taille coussin

45 x 45 cm (18 in x 18 in), 55 x 35 cm (14 in x 22 in ), 60 x 60 cm (24 in x 24in)