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Waterproof cushion cover Monkey 2


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  • Waterproof cushion cover : this original and unique jungle cushion was hand painted and signed by the painter. High quality fabric.
  • Ideal size: 45X45 cm, (18X18 inches) printed on both sides with the same pattern. Cushion cover supplied without cushion.
  • Waterproof cushion cover  is ideal for your garden furniture.
  • Decoration: this chic and trendy waterproof cushion cover  is also perfect for the indoor, sublime on your sofa.
  • Soft and comfortable material: this premium designer cushion cover is made of cotton with a waterproof finish.
  • Totally invisible and robust zip.
  • Color piping outline.
  • Machine washable.
  • This cushion can be matched with its pair. See here.

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Waterproof cushion cover monkey:

This cotton waterproof cushion cover with monkeys has beautiful colors. In shades of pink and yellow, the colors fade and come together under a new shade, the contrasts are amazing creating a playful background for the enchanting monkeys. In black, they stand out and are highlighted by the lightbulbs they seem to want to pick, like a delighting fruit.

Ina De Saint Andéol was inspired by her trip to the jungle of Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia. An island so rich in colors and fauna; homeland of the Orang-Utan and his little fellows.
The monkeys move from branch to branch; look at us from the top of the hundred-year-old trees where their laughter resonates, as they have stolen the light …
Let art brighten up all your interiors and exteriors! Let the artist Ina de Saint Andeol bring emotions to your decors.

All these high quality printed waterproof cushion cover  are signed with the artist’s name. They are waterproof * which allows them to be used outdoors, on your garden furniture, on your outdoor chairs, or in all corners of your garden. They can be matched very well with wood material, and they will highlight darker tones such as gray and black.

On your sofa, in your living room, in your dining room, this waterproof cushion cover will also embellish all your interiors.
This premium quality jungle cushion cover is chic and trendy. It is surrounded by a colored piping to enhance the design of the garden cushion.
It is very easy to maintain. You can directly put it in the machine.

Are you looking for a gift idea? This waterproof cushion cover with monkey, jungle cushion is ideal in your garden or interior and it will make a strong impression amoung your friends and family.

Advantages decorative cushion:

  • Waterproof cushion cover: ideal for outdoors.
  • UV resistant.
  • Unique and original design: design printed on both sides.
  • Signed by the artist on both sides.
  • Perfect print with bright and cheerful premium colors.
  • Invisible and strong zip.
  • Colored piping outline.
  • Original gift idea.

French made:

Our brand Ina de Saint Andéol is proud to present its products made in France. A choice guided by our desire to offer quality products and support local artisans.
All paintings are handmade by the artist. She puts in all her know-how as an artist to bring you all the emotions put in each of her brushstrokes.

In addition, Ina De Saint Andéol has 20 experiences as an interior designer and has worked for a long time with major brands such as Louis Vuitton.
She also puts all her expertise to offer you styles and tones that are very trendy and in vogue. She combines her two passions to offer you her best products, combining quality and elegance.

“art for all!” is the innovative concept of the artist who wishes to share his artistic passions and slide art into any interior.

Shipping waterproof cushion cover :

Your original decorative cushion covers will be delivered very quickly to your home upon receipt of your order within 2 to 3 days in France and 5-6 days abroad depending on your country.

* Although these covers are waterproof, please do not leave them outside under extreme weather.

Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

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