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cushion cover design: birds1

Average Rating: 4.9 stars (based on 140 ratings)


Average Rating: 4.9 stars (based on 140 ratings)
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  • Cushion cover design: these original and unique cushions were hand painted and signed by the painter. High quality fabric.
  • Ideal size: 45X45 cm, (18X18 inches) printed on both sides with the same pattern. Cushion cover supplied without cushion.
  • Waterproof outdoor cushion with birds is ideal for your garden furniture.
  • Decoration: this chic and trendy cushion is also perfect for the indoor, sublime on your sofa.
  • Soft and comfortable material: this premium designer cushion cover is made of cotton with a waterproof finish.
  • Totally invisible and robust zip.
  • Color piping outline.
  • Machine washable.
  • This cushion can be matched with its pair . See here .

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Cushion cover design:

Cushion with birds cover design with birds of paradise in a fabulous setting.

In a setting taken from an English fable, the 2 birds of paradise play and flirt with colors. In every detail, Ina De Saint Andéol surprises us, discloses her patience with the watercolor brush. It transports us back in time, the time when we savor the magic of thoroughness. Each flower, each leaf is carefully imagined or inspired from old and traditional wallpapers.

The artist Ina De Saint Andéol walks us through this magical moment where the viewer is frozen, suspended in time … Let yourself be carried away by this moment, let art invade you with feelings and emotions.
This cushion cover design, cushion with birds, is original and signed with the artist’s name. It is waterproof * which allows it to be used outdoors , on your garden furniture, on your outdoor chairs, or in all corners of your garden.
On your sofa, in your living room, in your dining room, this original cushion cover design will also embellish all your interiors!

Dare the original, dare the unconventional colors in your decorations!
These high-end designer cushion with birds are chic and trendy. They are surrounded by colored piping to enhance the design of the cushion. The cotton fabric has a waterproof layer on the inside, leaving the outside soft to the touch.
They are very easy to maintain. You can put them in the machine directly. The zip is completely invisible, and very resistant.

Are you looking for a gift idea? This bird cushion will make a strong impression amoung your friends and relatives.

Advantages cushion cover design:

  • Waterproof: ideal for outdoors.
  • UV resistant.
  • Unique and original design: design printed on both sides.
  • Signed by the artist on both sides.
  • Perfect print with bright and cheerful premium colors.
  • Invisible and strong zip.
  • Colored piping outline.
  • Original gift idea.


Our brand Ina de Saint Andéol is proud to present its products made in France. A choice guided by our desire to offer quality products and support local artisans.
All paintings are handmade by the artist. She puts in all her know-how as an artist to bring you all the emotions put in each of her brushstrokes.

In addition, Ina De Saint Andéol has 20 experiences as an interior designer and has worked for a long time with major brands such as Louis Vuitton.
She also puts all her expertise to offer you styles and tones that are very trendy and in vogue. She combines her two passions to offer you her best products, combining quality and elegance.

“art for all!” is the innovative concept of the artist who wishes to share his artistic passions and slide art into any interior.

Shipping cushion cover design:

Your original decorative cushion covers will be delivered very quickly to your home upon receipt of your order within 2 to 3 days in France and 5-6 days abroad depending on your country.

* Although these covers are waterproof, please do not leave them outside under extreme weather.

Additional information

Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

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