Bamboo tray yellow still life

Bamboo tray yellow still life

Bamboo tray yellow still life


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This bamboo tray with a unique and decorative design will be perfect for your aperitifs on the terrace, your breakfasts, your snacks with friends or even to display your fruit …

 DURABLE AND TIMELESS: Our bamboo kitchen serving tray is sturdy. The perfect size to put all your dishes, plates, bowls (47X32,5cm) (18,5X13“). Its unique design painted by the artist is timeless and original and will suit all your decors.

 CHIC AND PRACTICAL: Bamboo is natural, eco-friendly and not shiny, giving it that matte and elegant finish. It is very resistant, waterproof and stain resistant. It is also an original and elegant souvenir gift.

 ANTIBACTERIAL: the bamboo contains a natural bio-agent called Bamboo Kun. Bamboo Kun is naturally antibacterial. It is so effective that it kills and prevents over 70% of bacteria from growing

 ECOLOGICAL: good for the environment as this decorative bamboo serving tray will eliminate the need for plastic trays. Bamboo does not need chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers to grow and thrive. Its own fallen leaves provide the necessary nutrients which are recycled into the soil. Every part of the bamboo can be used in one way or another without any waste. Once the bamboo material has reached its lifespan, it can be recycled directly into the earth.

 EASY TO MAINTAIN: The easiest way is to wash the tray with water and washing up liquid and rubbing with a sponge. Once done, you can let it air dry or wipe it dry.

Unlike other wooden planks, bamboo is waterproof and does not bend.



Bamboo tray is painted and signed by the artist Ina de Saint Andéol.

Ina De Saint Andéol is a French painter. She is inspired by all her travels around the world to bring you these unique and varied styles.