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Original paintings

Painter and interior designer, Ina de Saint Andéol unveils her works with fanciful and contemporary looks.

The artist finds her inspiration in her travels where she had the chance to discover new cultures and new styles. She loves to mix and match those styles, maybe in order to recreate our contemporary societies.

Discover a gallery of contemporary works with surprising details. Where each detail is unveiled and carefully crafted.

Discover a universe of abstract, expressionism and naturalism art.
Discover a unique catalog of works of their own character.

Let yourself be carried away by the promise of a whimsical journey. Ina de Saint Andéol multiplies various collage techniques, offering amazing textures and details.
Her art is to arouse the viewer’s emotion like any artistic work.

On wood, paper or canvas, the artist visits various techniques, using watercolors, color pens, ink and collages to express herself.
Through these various processes, shapes and colors proposed, the artist reveals a great originality.

ina de saint anédol
Clients opinions

On the wall of your living room, in your bedroom or to dress your entrance and hallways, bring the originality that suits you.
Awaken your five senses by exploring Ina de Saint Andéol’s paintings. Perhaps you will come close to evoking the emotions you seek in reading any work.
It is often in a spirit of curiosity that we acquire our finest finds.

To dress up your interior or as a gift, all of the artist’s works are delivered with a certificate of authenticity. Each piece is carefully crafted with both textures and colors. The choice of materials is carefully thought out in order to be able to satisfy the most aesthetes.

In the values of a significant artistic proposal, and contemporary values consisting in showing originality and innovation always more impactful,
Ina de Saint Andéol is the booming artist of a somewhat “model maker” era where everything is constantly rethought and reinvented.