Decorating your home is not easy if you embark on the adventure without knowing the trends of the moment. How to choose the colors, materials and shapes that will please you and at the same time have a trendy decoration? How to arrange a small space to make it a real cocoon?

1. The importance of decoration

Decorating your interior allows you to assert your personality. It is one of the most common ways to create a space that looks like us, by bringing your own ideas, while respecting your budget and your desires. For people who like to receive, paying particular attention to everything that affects the layout of the interior space is essential to make it welcoming and warm.

Who doesn’t dream of transforming their apartment or house into a place conducive to entertaining friends and spending wonderful moments with their family?!

2. Decorative trends in 2022

Among the trendy decorative styles of the moment, Scandinavian decoration is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable decorative ideas. The desire for simplicity and naturalness is felt in this trend, with wooden or glass furniture, light colors and an interior design that favors comfort and functionality.

Born in the 1960s, the minimalist style, less is more, also reflects the space by reducing it to the essential elements. The materials and colors are sober and functional. A holistic approach based on traditional Chinese influences and the idea that everything is made of vibrations. It is about eliminating negative emotions and overcoming certain blockages.

The mixture of styles and eras also remains relevant (decorative eclecticism): retro influences and vintage accessories willingly meet furniture made to measure by young designers, a real poetry of the encounter between different styles, Greek Antiquity to Art Deco.

More and more often, interior designers are reappropriating the codes of the region where the space to be rehabilitated is located and calling on local craftsmen to imagine its layout and rearrangement. Scouring the surrounding flea markets, to find the most suitable decorative accessories, and using the local network, is one of the gateways to successful interior decoration. A successful place to live which then oscillates between trends and rustic style.

The 2022 trends are marked by the successive confinements linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. The apartment and the house are less spaces that we show than places that we experience. The concepts of well-being, ergonomics, visual comfort, to feel good, become essential. The link to the outside, the views with perspective, also count a lot: these magical gaps, through the windows, offered by the contemplation of a tree or a tree-lined square located at the foot of the building…

The period is marked by a return to nature and fundamentals. The family and the moments shared constitute the basis of reflection for a program of rearrangement of a space. The use of raw materials, such as marble, solid wood, sculpted plaster, as well as short circuits, earth, is once again becoming a priority. It is advisable to promote the adaptability of the furniture, to arrange the interior in a way that is as functional and pragmatic as possible, favoring comfort and utility over appearance alone.

3. The 5 mistakes to avoid in interior decoration

Poor lighting can be fatal to the decoration of an apartment or a house Too much lighting can affect the pause times for the gaze, in a bedroom with too powerful light for example, or even in the evening in the living room when it comes to creating a more cozy and intimate atmosphere. Not enough lighting is also not suitable, especially in situations where there is only one light source.

Another mistake to avoid, that of sticking the furniture against the walls strong Such an arrangement of furniture impedes circulation and clearly does not enhance the furniture in a room. Today, modernity requires us to be able to work around furniture, appreciate all its forms, from all angles, and move it easily to change the atmosphere according to mood. The most striking example is probably that of the sofa, which should not be positioned against a wall, which too often creates a situation of emptiness and imbalance in the center of the room.

Another mistake is to do everything in one style. Indeed, too much contrast kills the contrast. Balance and weighting must be in order. Nevertheless, it is desirable to combine styles and eras so that the piece in question is not monotonous and sad. The idea being to surprise the eye, to energize a space, to make it lively and positive.

Respect the proportions: furniture that is too small or too big can have a very negative influence on the aesthetics of a room. Watch out for rugs that are too small, so small that you can’t see them. It is simply appropriate to put large pieces of furniture in large rooms, and, conversely, small pieces of furniture in small spaces. The use of a plan or sketches is useful to aim just in respect of scales and proportions between the different elements composing a room.

Too much color contrast strong Color contrasts are interesting when they are judiciously found. It is important to remember that the look has a strong need for uniformity and homogeneity. Multiple colors tend to saturate the eye, to deconstruct space and perspective. The more you play with different colors, the more delicate the assembly becomes. You can combine one to three colors per room, but hardly more.

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