Ina de Saint Andéol finds her inspiration through all her travels and experiences of new cultures, that she likes to share through her paintings.
She multiplies various techniques of collage, thrives on surprising textures and details, to bathe the viewer with unusual feelings…

Collection: Faith

This collection explores the correlation between  different  mythologies and gods around the world.
It illustrates a dynamic and harmonious collage of stories, reassembled to follow the astrological guidelines.
The viewer is then projected in this three dimensional journey through various world beliefs and faith…

Collection: Evolution

This series is part of the artist research of a whimsical evolution. What if we were to re-invent the origins, hence creating a new primitivism?
The artist, Ina de Saint Andéol, studies this concept in a playful manner by introducing the animals with regards to their individual personalities.
The viewer is invited to surrender all pre-concept of evolution and travel back and forth in time through all kinds of primitive arts.

Collection: Iceland

Inspired by a winter in the North of Iceland in 2017, this collection was conceived as part of an artist residence…

Collection: The Little Prince

What makes the Little Prince story so exceptional, is that it is addressed to all the love in each of us.
This collection explores the poetic messages by the author Antoine de Saint Exupéry, mixing layers of wool and stickers, mixing memories and childhood.

Collection: Inuits Fascination

Near Canada’s frozen ocean, the Inuit culture is rare but fascinating. Their relationship and respect for nature is inspiring. Under a winter of marble, surrounded by ice and bleached silence, all your senses awaken.
You can then imagine the planet as a whole, a simple mirror from North to South, where the sky becomes water and everything is interchangeable…