Hand painted products

to decorate all your interiors !!


Let’s decorate all our interiors!
Ina de Saint Andéol (Inadsa) paints for you in large format, these artworks that will brighten all your interiors and garden: many trendy designs available!

Velvet Cushion:

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from 42 Euros (aroud 49 dollars and  38 pounds)

art in my garden:

Unique cushions

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from 29 Euros (aroud 32 dollars and  25 pounds)

art on your walls: adhesive wallpaper

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from 59 Euros ((aroud 65 dollars and  52 pounds)

the birth of a product...


The artist and his latest creations

Ina de Saint Andéol finds her inspiration through all her travels and experiences of new cultures, that she likes to share through her paintings.
She multiplies various techniques of collage, thrives on surprising textures and details, to bathe the viewer with unusual feelings…